At Amoseries Technologies, because we know our partners represent us when they connect and discuss with you and your business, we take the utmost time and care to ensure that only duly certified companies with well trained and knowledgeable employees make our partners list. From sales partners to implementation and training partners, we ensure that we have just the right mix of people to get our customers off the ground and running in the shortest time possible.

Our support team is just a click away. Simple originate a chat message from any of our websites during working hours and we would have a certified agent on your trail within seconds to service your request.


Want to learn to leverage your selling skills and your connections to close deals and earn a reward in the process, then do it with the guidance of our referral partner program where we guide and build you to up-sell and cross-sell to your customer every step of the way.


Are you a registered business looking to grow your offering to your customers and provide them with the best in class solutions to meet their needs, then join our verified partner program and earn as a business while getting all the perks that come with it.


Grow your offerings beyond sales and become a full implementation partner. Develop new modules to plug into our framework, integrate new ideas and piece them all in one with the aide of our developers to grow your customer base and earn more


Does your organisation engage in HR related training’s? Now you can add to your training offerings by giving it a hands-on feel with CSManager© HRMS. Now your training just got past the theory to the hands-on and engagement stage for better retention.

Looking to start now? Then lets hear from you…