Our Payroll module integrates fully with the Employee Management module.

With CSManager®, you can simply set‐up payroll groups or individually defined payroll aligned with government tax laws to automatically deduct relevant taxes and generate periodic employee pay slips which can be automatically emailed to employees.

Integrated to the loan module, employee loans can be issued at agreed rates, tenure and percentages and monitored seamlessly through extensive reporting. The payroll module automatically facilitate employee loan repayment and salary deduction.

The CSManager® HRMS payroll components seamlessly spools and calculates taxable and non‐taxable components of the employees’ salary as well as is able to pull data from other areas of the application modules.

Other functions within the payroll system includes;

  • Already configured Nigerian tax lawEmployee Payroll
  • Allows multi carder tax configuration group-wide
  • Full Maker/Checker (M&C) option for security
  • Automatic employee loan collection and reporting (LO/LM/LC)
  • Attendance & overtime management and payment
  • System generate attendance/third party bio-metrics intergration
  • Weekend payments
  • Auto generated pay slip
  • Straight-2-Bank direct payment