Resumes, Cover Letter Samples & More

Finding a job has never been harder, despite what they say about the economy improving. This means that getting the perfect job usually requires standing out when it comes to your resume and cover letter. If you’re helping a friend or co-worker find a new job, you’ll need to write an effective recommendation. CSManager©HRMS employee Mobile App helps not only by providing great templates, but also giving you samples and guides that show you how a good resume or cover letter is written. In time, you’ll be able to improvise with these helpful guidelines and master the art of applying for jobs!

• Improve your CV with great Microsoft® resume templates.
• Get cover letter samples that will help stand out of the crowd.
• Write fantastic letters of recommendation by using these great guides.

Promotional Materials

When branding your company or service, it’s important to tell a unique visual story. That’s why it’s good to avoid easily recognizable printable stationary in favor of something most people haven’t seen. Our presentation, business card and flyer templates are unique, interesting and eye catching.

• Get attractive, elegant Microsoft®PowerPoint™ presentation templates.
• Print letters with FREE letter heads for customized business correspondence.
• Create unique flyers, business cards & rewards cards.