New to the CSManager®HRMS framework, the Asset Management module give organization the ability to track every single asset owned, where they currently are located or to whom they are assigned. It also helps track the age profiling of all assets while giving organisations the ability to tag their assets with a neatly and well-designed bar-code sticker that is system generated per asset for easy identification.
Asset repairs and maintenance are not left out as assets can be assigned for maintenance repairs with a bill of laden raised to cover such assets leaving the premises and effective tracking once such assets is returned. Multiple asset return are not an issue as CSManager® now allows you simply scan the asset bar-code with a bar code reader to ascertain the status and bearer of the specified asset.

With our Asset Management module you can;

  • Track all organizational Assetsassetmgt
  • Monitor warranty span and run an age analysis on all assets organizational wide
  • Assign asset to specific location within specific buildings, branches or offices
  • Assign asset assigned to individuals
  • Monitor maintenance (In and Out) of assets from the premises
  • Effectively track assets with easy to identify bar-code stickers
  • Easily get asset status reported by employees (in cases of theft, damage etc) directly from the employees console
  • Easy assignment and approval of assets