Using the time-off (Leave) management module gives your employees the power to plan and organise their off days with their manager and teammates in a transparent way. Doing this ensures there are no conflicts in time-off days and that every employee is backed-up and does not leave any critical process hanging while out of office.

In this module, all employees can book, request, and cancel leave / holidays while managers can approve or reject leave requests electronically. This provides visibility from a human resource and management perspective on the availability of team members and their time off plans and is handy in planning projects and team activities.

Typically a manager will see the list of booked days of his direct reports and their subordinates as the case may be.
Each employee can see the type of leave he is entitled to and also total allocated and entitled leave days in the calendar year.
Employees can view leave days personally booked for, the status (approved, pending or rejected) and also the approved days of other members of his team.
Purely configurable to allow HR team verification before manager approval

Key Features Include;
Amongst feature available in this module are;

  • time-offEmployee can book time-offs on their own
  • Single or Multiple days time-offs
  • Organizational, public holidays/event days booking
  • Managers/HR time-off tracking
  • Manager approval for time-off processing
  • Manager ability to recall a time-off with reason
  • Backup employee notification
  • Automated reminders for organization-wide time-off
  • Flexible leave types (banked/accrued) models
  • Period or anniversary based leave types