With CSManager©, document file manager, you can now attach files to a records of almost any kind. From employee records; educational, references and otherwise to customer records and credentials, requisitions and receipts to asset payment invoices and basic office files, all can now be attached, uploaded and tracked easily and effectively from a single console.

With well‐defined viewing rights and privileges to documents of all classes, our document management system also gives you the freedom to create catalogs across team and departments as well as set viewing rights by employee cadres and levels to restrict viewing,  share documents without the need for heavy attachments being sent over the network as well as the ability to track these document viewing and download history.

Key functionalities include;

  • Same look and feel across all modules with easy to searDocument Managementch records
  • Ability to attach documents to employees and customer related records
  • Easy download and tracking of documents
  • Auto share link expiration to boost enterprise security
  • User defined document viewing level and restrictions
  • User group and catalog for team document uploads
  • Ability to share document without the need for emailing and attachments
  • High level sharing pin-code for confidential documents
  • Deduplication and in-built compression of documents
  • Auto self‐document deletion on set retention period to save storage
  • Over 100 pre-written free customizable document templates for administrative need