CSManager©, Human Resource Management Solution (HRMS) is our flagship HRMS that provides extensive employee management capabilities to medium and large enterprises enabling the automation of critical HR related business processes at a fraction of the cost for similar solutions. Fully configurable with standardized and approved processes used in Fortune 500 companies, getting your business started off on the right path to productivity is assured.
Built on the cutting edge configuration model of our CSManager© 2.0 desktop solution which our customer have grown to love over the last decade, the all new CSManager© HRMS cloud solution helps enterprises and SME’s cut costs by improving internal processes with cutting edge solutions in areas such as records management, action and process follow-through, team time-off management and planning, PAYE and tax remittances and calculations. Our best in class solution is flexible and scale-able to meet ever‐growing business requirements.

As a market leader in the SME sector, we are aware that a huge initial investment in technology is a major limitation to business automation as such, CSManager© HRMS is designed around this premise and licensed as an On-Premise or As A Service SaaS model with a 99.82% up-time enabling businesses to tap into the power of our cloud infrastructure to power their businesses. Our teeming customers don’t have to bother about the cost of purchasing and managing hardware required to power such an enormous solution plus your data is always safe within the Nigerian boarders as we are partnered to one of the biggest data-centers in Nigeria.

Thinking of getting started… See our list of modules that can help get you on-board;

CSManage© HRMS Core Modules

  1. Employee Management Module
  2. Time-Off Management Module
  3. Payroll & Employee Loan Management Module
  4. Document Template & Document File Management Module
  5. Performance Management Module
  6. Asset Management & Maintenance Tracking Module
  7. Requisition Management Module
  8. Service Desk Module
  9. Dashboard and Reporting Module
  10. Customer Management Module
  11. Email & SMS Marketing Module

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