Dysfunctional Tension

Dysfunctional Tension is a type of tension or conflict that leads to negative stress. This type of tension or conflict within a group obstructs the achievement of its goals. Any conflict within a group can cause negative stress to an individual and can weaken the organization.

Management must prevent such conflicts in the organization and in case any conflict arises, it should be quick to respond before the conflict leads to further issues for the organization. These conflicts can have a negative impact on productivity as lack of trust and occupational stress might force the employees to leave the organization or might demotivate the employees to perform to their capabilities.


Increased tension within a group: Members within a group might develop a feeling of mistrust and this can hamper the achievement of a common goal. Such conflicts impose a great challenge on the managers while causing uncertainty, anxiety, frustration, and opposition among the members of a group.

Employee turnover: If the conflict escalates to a level that causes immense stress to the employee, the employee might leave the organization thereby causing further problems for the organization.

Lack of motivation: Group members will not concentrate on achieving a single organizational goal and might seek protection from conflict rather than facing it. The productivity of the whole group will take a hit. This distraction will cause huge losses to the organization as organizational goals will be run over by personal goals.




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